If you are leaving the building or no longer want to access Darling Park, simply email the Tenant Relationship Manager on and we will close your account for you.

Use the like button when you see something you like or something you agree with.  This will just count your 'like' and add 1 to the count of 'likes'.  A user can only like something once.  

Likes are anonymous, regular users cannot see who has clicked the 'like' button.

No problems, we're adding new products all the time.  Simply email the Tenant Relationship Manager on and we'll work on adding those products to the store for you.

No, Darling Park is provided to tenants by the building owners at no cost to end users.

The building owners and managers are looking to offer a fantastic level of service and amenity to all tenants.

If you have any questions or are encountering issues, please contact the Tenant Relationship Manager on They are highly skilled and will be able to assist you with most questions. If you have a problem with something that is out of their hands, they will contact the development team and get that answer for you.

Aha, you've found one of our fantastic features.  We know you don't have time to waste so this icon is an 'express checkout' feature called QUICK BUY.

If you click on this icon from the store page, that item will be placed straight in your cart and you will be taken to the checkout page - skipping a few steps.  For simple product types such as books and gifts, this can save you a lot of time!

To see all the items available for quick buy, simply filter by quick by items in the left hand side of the store.

This is not a problem. Simply go back to the event and you can remove your RSVP by clicking 'cancel RSVP' on the top right hand side. The count of attendees will reduce by 1 and your image will disappear from the listed attendees on the event detail.

If you have bought tickets, this is a little more complex and the answer depends on the event itself.  See the Tenant Relationship Manager for help in this instance.

Yes, you can.  This is particularly helpful if you want to arrange catering or a bigger order.  Advance ordering is also a great way to guarantee you get what you want for breakfast or lunch, instead of having to settle for whatever is left in the bain marie by the time you arrive!

When you are placing an order, simply select ‘Later Date’ on the checkout screen and select a date & time in the future.

Keep in mind that the item can only be pre-ordered for times it is available.  Availability is usually visible on the product on the right hand side.  The concierge will contact you if there is any problems with an order that you place for a future date and time.

The site is available 24/7 online, with the exception of when its down for scheduled maintenance.  Orders can be placed at anytime from anywhere you have access to the internet.

Many users place orders in the evening and pre-order their lunch or breakfast for the next day - super convenient!

The availability of products for delivery or pick up differs from item to item.  Some products are only available during office hours, but others are available after hours. This information is available on each product page.

Personal Information

Information and subscriptions to Darling Park can all be fully controlled and managed by you, the user.  See below for how the site communication typically works.

All registered Darling Park users automatically receive a weekly update from the site - with the latest news, events and offers.  If you would prefer not to receive these, you can simply change your subscription preferences by using the link at the bottom of any of these emails. You can unsubscribe from newsletters without affecting your actual user account and login.  

Some users prefer to get their site updates via twitter. Click the link in the site footer to follow us on twitter and receive updates that way.

If you post a comment on the community board, you will automatically receive subsequent replies and comments for that thread. These can be switched off in the subscriptions section of your My Account pages.

When you place an order or RSVP to an event, you will receive a confirmation email. These are a system email that cannot be switched off.

If you have comments or suggestions about our user communication, we would welcome them. Please contact the concierge to pass on this feedback.

I’m afraid we can’t see which password you are using. We do this to maximise security, but it also means we can’t send you the password.

Please use the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the front page and follow the prompts.  You will be sent a one-time only login link to the site via email and you can change your password then.

Please contact the  Tenant Relationship Manager on with your username and/or your first & last name. The Tenant Relationship Manager will find you on our system and tell you which email address you used. 

We do this to make things easier for you. One of the most tedious elements of online shopping is entering your address and CC details. Through Darling Park, you have access to a multitude of products from different suppliers - all with the convenience of a simple, seamless checkout.

Once you have entered your details once, you won't need to enter them again.

For your peace of mind, we don’t have access to your credit card details and they are not stored in our system or with your user account information.  They are stored securely with our payment gateway provider. For more information see our privacy policy.

Yes, you can. Simply go to ‘My Account’ in the top right corner and select ‘Account Information’. You can change the email address to anything you wish.

Go to ‘My Account’ in the top right corner and select ‘My Profile’. You can remove your current image and upload a new one.

Yes, you can. Simply go to ‘My Account’ in the top right corner and select ‘Account Information’.

Dry Cleaning

The standard turnaround time for dry cleaning is one business day.

You will be charged on the credit card associated with your @Darling Park account. You will be notified via email when your dry cleaning is charged.

Shirt Cleaning Methods Business Shirts and Fitted Shirts (or tailored shirts) are cleaned using two different methods. Below is an explanation of each shirt and how it is cleaned. If you are unsure what type of shirt you are leaving for cleaning, please contact us. Alternatively, we will clean your business shirt using the method that will best maintain the shirt's fabric and shape. Business Shirts Regular business shirts are most commonly worn. Their shape is loose, rather than tailored. Business Shirts are laundered, pressed on a shirt unit and finished with a hand iron. Fitted Shirts Shirts with a tailored/fitted shape. Many (but not all) are made from elastic based fabrics and are dry cleaned or gentle washed to retain the shirt's shape. Fitted shirts are hand pressed rather than on a shirt unit.
There are certain poor quality button varieties that do not withstand the heat from the steam pressing process, mostly on Van Heusen and Country Road shirts. You may notice that buttons on these brands of shirts become chipped or cracked. Unfortunately this is a problem experienced by all laundries. Although this is issue is as a result of button manufacturing, in the essence of good customer service we will replace any affected buttons free of charge. We try to identify this and replace the buttons with higher quality buttons. If your shirt is returned with damaged buttons, please return to us and we will replace the buttons for you free of charge. The easiest way to do this is for you to place any affected shirts back in your laundry bag, with a card (located on your collection rack) or any note left in the bag stating that the buttons need replacing.
To ensure a high level of quality control, if we detect any marks or stains post cleaning on a particular garment we will hold the item for additional cleaning to ensure it is returned to you in the best possible condition. Unless otherwise specified, the held item will be returned the following business day. If it will take any longer than this you will be contacted via email or phone.
When you sign-up to our services you select your preferred pick-up location i.e. your buildings End of Trip facilities or a Concierge Desk. Co-located with the drop-off bins at this location is a collection hanger where garments will be returned (clean & crisp) once laundered or dry cleaned.
We will launder based on the garment care instructions i.e. dry clean only items will be dry cleaned. You can nominate how you want your items cleaned by providing details on one of dry cleaning cards (located at the collection facilities) and dropping the card in your bag with your laundry. Items that can be laundered but require hand pressing i.e. pants and dresses will be charged at dry clean prices.


Suppliers bring their products to the Concierge Desk and you can pick them up from there.  

If you have elected 'bring it to me' simply enter your desk number, floor, level and building and the Concierge Team will bring your order to you.